ClearBlueBox Asset and Occupant Management software was built on over 35 years of experience in delivering facility operations, maintenance management, energy management, retrofit and system optimization services.  The applications streamlined our service delivery and have been implemented in over 100 million square feet of space.  Now, the applications are available to you on the cloud to simplify and streamline your facility operations and asset management.


  • Unique visualization screen makes planning and management easier
  • Easiest setup and implementation using included asset and facility models
  • Practical design promotes efficient work flow and productivity
  • Easier collection and retrieval of asset records, documents, videos, photos
  • Intuitive simple design and highly configurable

By simplifying management of workflows, our cloud services are easily integrated into your daily work flow to help reduce asset risks, increase ROI and facilitate efficient and sustainable portfolios of buildings via:

  • Automated Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Capital Replacement Planning
  • Energy Profiling and Budgeting
  • Tenant Services Management

THE benefits

  • Owners' asset operating risks are reduced
  • Regulatory standards are maintained and an audit trail of service and personnel work is available in the event it is needed for legal, insurance or other purposes
  • Corporate reputation is enhanced and protected
  • ROI is increased
  • Asset value is increased and extended
  • Major costs are predicted and reduced
  • Portfolios are financially and environmentally more sustainable
  • Assets are more attractive for sale
  • Recording keeping and management controls are enhanced - records stay with your facility and not the service contractor
  • Supports LEED, BOMA Best and other green programs


We simplify complex work flows, communications and task management related to your facilities and occupants, so you can more easily deliver your core services.  We make it easy to collect and share real time facility operations information and to integrate seamlessly with your overall business intelligence systems.